Investors Overview
Howmuch strives to own its strategic management responsibility it maintains an ideal relationship with a partner institution, development agencies, and investors, Howmuch wants to leverage the technological industry and improve the quality of supplying high-end products and services to end customers. It has opened its doors and encouraged fixed-income investors to contribute to the Howmuch developmental mandate. Howmuch ensures to maintain best investor relationships.
We Help You Succeed
We are committed to your success. We believe in collectivism, and that’s why we offer you the best opportunities to earn revenues. Our Point of Sale Investors program makes sure to provide authentic material information and timely response to the interested investors.
invest in emerging market of point of sale for better
Why Invest?
  • Offers international standard e-commerce solutions to retailers, customers, and manufacturers
  • Best light speed retail POS
  • Operating successfully in Pakistan and across the borders, mainly in the Middle East.
Howmuch (Pvt) Ltd is a provider of a new-generation cloud-based POS technology designed for SMEs to elevate their efficiency in a high-tech era. It is an innovative, creative, and fast-moving software company launched in 2014 by the CEO Mr. Hisham Malik with the dream to revolutionize the retail industry worldwide. As a leading retail POS developer, Howmuch provides a robust and scalable software solution with the best functionalities to different retail formats, including brick and mortar stores, supermarkets, boutiques, books, vapes, medical, footwear, apparel, electronics, luxury, and grocery store. Howmuch (Pvt) Ltd's headquarters are situated in Islamabad. However, it is successfully managing its sales, marketing, and support operations in Pakistan's major cities, such as Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, and Multan. It also sells its products on the international market, primarily in the UK, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
We revolutionized businesses by providing responsive, result-oriented, and revolutionary tools to businesses like yours.
Thinking Big
We started with the small development house and now expanding our network of customers, resellers, affiliates every day.
Big Network
Different marketing agencies, website development firms, and resellers have shown great interest in our products.
Our Marketplace
As a leading provider of award winning Point of Sale software technology, Howmuch is capable of offering a significant advantage to its clients. The retail sector is the world's third-largest and fastest-growing industry, with significant potential for future growth. The high consumer demand, modern business practices, and phenomenal technological advancement in the retail sector over the last few years indicate a huge market opportunity for investors. The demand for Point of Sale software is increasing every day, and it offers a higher return on investment.
In the coming years, it is expected that the POS market will grow at a rapid pace. Howmuch, on the other hand, promises a profitable return on investment through business growth, establishment, and acceleration. That is why investing with Howmuch (Pvt) Ltd will provide the best return on investment, as we are dedicated to providing a high-quality product that maintains efficiency and provides the best customer experience, allowing businesses to generate high productivity.
Partner With Howmuch
Nobody understands you as a partner like we do!
If you are looking for reliability, quality, and individual support for your business, Howmuch is your trusted partner.
We are proud to admit that in each market we serve, we always form long-term collaborative partnerships with a variety of clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with a robust, user-friendly, and long-lasting Point of Sale solution.
Build Your Store
The Howmuch Point of Sale partner program assists you in opening new stores and learning new ways to grow your company.
Earn Revenu
There are many ways to make money, but the Howmuch Partner Program enables you to expand your business, improve your marketing skills, and earn a lot of money.
Become An Affiliate
Join hands with us because we offer a better partnership, the best tools, and accurate resources to help you scale your business.
Connect To Customers
The Howmuch Partner Program provides you with a better marketplace to introduce your products and services to potential customers.
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