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Howmuch POS is filled with all the features that an ideal POS system offers. It is a straightforward yet powerful software that will revolutionize your store in the digital marketing age. Our cloud-based POS software is equipped with advanced features to help you enhance sales, manage inventory, satisfy existing customers, attract new consumers, and increase revenue by a greater margin.

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Howmuch for Retailers

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

  • Increase profit with quick selling
  • Quickly analyze customer behavior
  • Earn revenue additionally
  • Create a perfect deal bundle
  • Increase sale value

B2C E-Commerce

  • Barrier-free entry into the ecommerce market
  • Digital sales model
  • Direct interaction with customers
  • Online intermediaries
  • Provide quick alerts and notifications

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • Supply chain management
  • Track stock movement
  • Accurate inventory decision making
  • Inventory procurement and accounting
  • Quick daily, weekly and monthly reports

Optimize In-Store And Online Retail Operations

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Drive sales growth
  • Provide omni channel customer experience
  • Integrated in-store and online sales
  • Provide quick alerts and notifications

Howmuch For Manufacturers

Simplified Invoicing

  • Accept Multiple Payments
  • Get paid faster
  • Schedule future invoices
  • Eliminate improper cash flow
  • Highly Secured and Convenient

Handle Inventory

  • Monitor inventory level continuously
  • Generate quick alerts and notifications
  • Automatically update inventory status
  • Keeps operations up and costs low
  • Prevent manufacturing delays

Managing Sales, CRM, And Purchases

  • Accurately capture customer information
  • Track buying behavior
  • Assist in production planning
  • Provide exact sales reports
  • Virtually manage orders via App

Optimized process

  • Increase time delivery metrics
  • Order fulfillment and Sales return
  • Available offline and online
  • Manage and update promotions
  • Give clear insight and visibility

Howmuch For Distributors

Monitor The Distribution Network

  • Reliable monitoring and control
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fulfill orders and sales from anywhere
  • Provide Greater visibility
  • Reduce dependencies

Automate Distribution Workflow

  • Simultaneously manage multiple activities
  • Provide distribution forecasting
  • Streamline supply chain management operations
  • Enable cost effective distribution with data analytics
  • Dynamic reports and dashboard feature

Performs Outbound Operations

  • Secured Order Taker App
  • Fasten product shipment
  • Process multiple transactions
  • Avoid manual operation processing
  • Comprehensive solution for multiple locations

Improved Performance

  • Clear and comprehensive reporting
  • Support multiple languages
  • Multi-location distribution management software
  • Reach customers directly
  • Support B2B and B2C customers

    Our Features At Glance

    Multiple Payment Options

    Howmuch provides you a flexible and easy way by accepting multiple payment options, which allows you to get customer payment anywhere, any time, without missing out on single sales. It streamlines sales in-store and online and takes all the methods your customer wants to pay.

    Real Time Analytics

    Howmuch keep track of your stock levels in real-time. It automatically generates sales reports that can help you make important decisions about sales and stock management. It also provides real-time insight into your store gross profit, sales taxes, profit margin, and cost of goods sold.

    Inventory Management

    Howmuch POS Provides instant alerts and accurate forecasts. It makes sure that your top-selling products never run out of stock. howmuch inventory management feature ensures waste reduction, and it efficiently tracks your store and supply. It provides you complete control over your inventory.

    Works Offline

    Howmuch is a wonder POS with numerous features. It is an excellent choice to rely on, even if your network connection is not reliable. It helps you manage day-to-day sales operations and support growing your business with in-built marketing and business intelligence tools.

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    • I’m genuinely impressed with Howmuch POS Software. It is very flexible and easy to learn and use. It helped me gain control over my store and ultimately make my store more profitable than before. No doubt, Howmuch Grocery POS keeps my customers, cashiers, and employees happy and efficient. The support team of Howmuch POS is amicable and always available to help. I’m pleased with using Howmuch POS for the past three years.

      RS Super Store


    • Using Howmuch POS has opened a new world for us. It is cost-efficient, simple, and user-friendly. Our business has grown by leaps and bounds since we started using grocery POS software. Indeed our decision of having Howmuch POS is best. Now we can manage our orders more efficiently than before. I’ll say that it is the top POS software in Lahore.

      Malik Cash, and Carry


    • I’m very Satisfy with Howmuch POS. I have searched a lot of software, but this one is the best POS software in Islamabad. It works great for my store. Its real-time sales Report helped me to manage my store’s operation efficiently. My top-selling products never get out of stock because I received timely alerts from Howmuch POS. I’ll highly recommend this extraordinary, exceptional grocery POS software to other retailers.

      Chain Mart


    • Before installing Howmuch Grocery POS, we were managing our store manually, and sometimes things become much hectic, and we were having a significant problem maintaining cash and inventory. Ultimately, Howmuch POS software solved our issues and managed our store sales, purchase, and money in an organized way. I believe it is the best POS software in Pakistan.

      Islamabad Chicken


    • I have been running my small-scale retail business for years. Still, I couldn’t experience any progress until I switched to howmuch POS, and I have witnessed a noticeable difference in my store performance after installing it. Our profits and productivity have increased, and my employees are more efficient than before. No doubt howmuch is very flexible and the best POS software in Rawalpindi.

      Payless Super Store


    • Howmuch grocery store POS software is one the most user-friendly software I have come across. It is very easy to use and understand and anyone can learn to operate it without any prior experience. I would 100% recommend howmuch point of sale software to any small or large scale business.

      Punjab Cash and Carry


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