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Merge Your Business With latest e-Commerce Trends

Howmuch incorporates the most advanced and proprietary technology to allow a customer to shop online and in-store securely and efficiently. Catering to the needs of new-age retail stores and entrepreneurs, Howmuch also provides retailers a platform to enter the digital world’s fast lane. We offer a cutting-edge solution developed indigenously from top to bottom with no blueprints to follow and no off-the-shelf software packages to buy.


Helps Customers To Shop The Way They Like

Howmuch ensures to provide customers with a satisfying experience. It provides the customers with the choice to shop according to their requirements. Howmuch integrates retailers’ physical stores with e-commerce. Consumers no longer need to allocate separate time for shopping as they can do it online anywhere, any time.

Reports and Insights

Track Customers Preferences

Cater to your customers’ minor and significant needs because a happy customer is a secret to a successful business. With the Howmuch reporting feature, Track every movement of your customers, such as their behavior, purchase timings, and preferences. Ultimately, it will grant you customer loyalty and a competitive edge in the market.


Assemble Reports

Howmuch integrates all the details of your business, including the store’s overall performance and information related to consumer preferences. It allows users to modify your business model accordingly.

Comprehend What's Happening

Howmuch Timely monitors your business’s performance and helps you analyze the business performance in the longer run. Howmuch holds information related to the business securely in the cloud, so you can get your reports wherever you are.


Make Decisions on Real-Time Reporting

Howmuch allows retailers to make decisions with instant and informative insights. It gives you customized sales reports, the store’s performance information, and customers’ preferences towards specific products. You will also be able to comprehend which brand has the shortest or the most extended shelf life.

Customer Management

Engage Better with Customers

Make customer engagement your top strategic priority with Howmuch. Build your brand by engaging more with customers. Howmuch allows you to design your sales process to be more customer-focused.


Import Customers in Bulk to Your Store

Easily upload Excel/CSV files with your existing customer data over Howmuch and let our POS organize it further.

Launch Marketing Campaigns to Promote Products

Howmuch provides you a perfect platform for your exceptional business marketing. It gives users plenty of options and develops ways to:


Decide on real-time analytics

With Howmuch, customer data will always be in sync, whether your customers are shopping in-store, on the web, or mobile. It allows you to make informed decisions such as:

Discount Management for Customers

With automation in subscription and billing management, Howmuch simplifies for the businesses to bring new clients and devise attractive discounts, good deals, and best coupon codes. Hence, you can easily manage refunds effortlessly across all your products, stores, and customer segments.


Customer Purchase History

With the help of purchase history data, the shoppers can effectively determine the customer’s purchasing habits because it provides a broad overview of what consumers like and what they mostly buy. Make your business customer-centric and manage the consumers’ purchasing history efficiently.

Inventory Management

Manage All Aspects of Business Inventory

Howmuch enables you to simply add hundreds and thousands of products with just a few clicks. Manage your store’s inventory and restock products before they reach the threshold.


Custom Pricing

Howmuch encourages retailers to provide custom pricing of the products to their customers. Decide Based on Real-Time Analysis. Your store’s sales report, inventory, and customer purchase history will always be in sync, no matter if your customers are shopping in-store, on the web, or mobile. It allows you to make informed decisions to:

Product Categories

Howmuch inventory management involves exceptional features such as offering a planogram. You will have a business-wise product categorization and customization on products that are mix in a department. It provides you suggestions to reorder your product categories too.




Advance Retail Statistics

Do you want to manage your business detail statistics? If yes, then Howmuch is the right platform for you. It helps you to track your store progress anywhere, anytime. It:

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Access the best technology for your business and manage your store from desktop, tablet or phone. An all in one solution for every retail business, listing significant features to ensure retail success. With the help of inventory management, simplify purchase orders and inventory and integrate your POS via our platform. Howmuch allows you to:


Have Effortless Access

Howmuch allows you to track your store progress anywhere, anytime. It:

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Expanding your business would never be easy without using Howmuch. Our platform provides you one-click operations to:


Award-winning product in Retail & Supply Chain Management

Howmuch has been honored with Best Retail & Supply Chain Management Award in Pakistan.


Let the customer decide

It depends on the customer which payment method they feel convenient with, i.e., cash payment, online transfer, and debit or credit card, etc. Support customer ease of access at every price so that you don’t miss out on a sale. Equip your delivery rider with POS and let the customer choose the preferred payment method on delivery.


Accept Payments Easily

With Howmuch POS, provide customers with increased conversions and sales. Accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Keep track of customers’ credit or debit card payments and validate your external card terminal procedures. It will surely attract foreign customers as well towards your store.

Secure your business

Protect your business entirely by keep adding intelligent solutions to avoid vulnerabilities such as:


Enhance your customer experience

Howmuch integrated payment feature, Provides customer convenience and security and avoids annoyance during transactions. It allows the retailers to serve more customers with secured payments and quick services efficiently. Howmuch has a customer-oriented approach which is why it strives to provide qualitative services to consumers.

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