Optimized E-Commerce Platform

Howmuch combines traditional retail locations with online sales. Consumers no longer need to allocate separate time for shopping as they can do it online anywhere, at any time. Howmuch incorporates the most advanced and proprietary technology catering to the needs of new-age retail stores and entrepreneurs. Retailers can use Howmuch as a platform to move quickly through the digital world.Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can sell using a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer, as well as globally and remotely using the native mobile app from Howmuch.

Distribution Management System

To keep track of their distribution network, distributors can use the Howmuch Distribution Management System. Its DMS effectively manages outbound operations, keeps costs down, and handles inventory in addition to managing sales, CRM, and purchases. From creation to delivery, Howmuch DMS calculates the manufacturing costs and records the bulk orders that need to be distributed to end-users. It is a flexible and agile technology that allows manufacturers and distributors to choose the features that suit their needs.

Zatca Tax Integration

Howmuch provides seamless integration with Zatca Tax Authority, facilitating effortless management and payment of taxes in Saudi Arabia (KSA). This ensures businesses not only comply with tax laws but also experience a streamlined process, saving valuable time and resources.

Zid and Salla Integration

Howmuch provides seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms in Saudia Arabia (KSA) like Zid and Salla. This integration streamlines multiple business management, from order management to the delivery of products right to the customer’s doorstep. Experience centralized control and increased efficiency in managing your e-commerce businesses.

Egypt Tax Integration

Howmuch provides seamless integration with the Egypt Tax Authority (ETA), allowing users to efficiently manage their tax payments in Egypt. This integration ensures not only adheres to the tax laws but also experiences a streamlined process, saving valuable time and resources.

SAF-T Compliance

Howmuch offers SAF-T compliance support, facilitating effortless management and payment of taxes in European countries like Norway and Denmark. This integration of SAF-T compliance releases the burden on business administration and allows them to focus on endless growth for the business.

Reports and Insights

Profit And Loss Report

Howmuch integrates all the information about your company, including the store's weekly, monthly, and annual performance, enabling users to adjust their needs for business in accordance. It promptly offers the profit and loss reports so that managers can quickly understand which product is doing well.

Order & Sales Report

The quick reports provided by Howmuch POS on sales data, order transactions, cancelled orders, pending orders, and order summaries are very helpful in assessing the overall performance of the business. Users can easily access information stored securely in the cloud by Howmuch POS at any time and from any location.

Expenses Reports

Howmuch Point of Sale software is loaded with the exceptional feature of an expenses report, making it easier for managers to track, reimburse, and manage employees' business expenses. It automates receipt and expense management with the help of robust features that free up time for other essential tasks.

Supplier Ledger Report

With the comprehensive features of all stages of supplier management and reporting, Howmuch is the go-to-supplier management software. Order & Sales Report. Howmuch provides a detailed supplier ledger report so that managers can easily visualize the expenses reports and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Customer Management

User Management

Multiple Users OS

Multiple User Operating Systems

Howmuch provides users with a multi-user operating system that allows multiple users’ accounts to be open on the same device. Similarly, Howmuch is compatible with all the major software such as iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. And users can easily interact with whatever the system feels most comfortable with.

User Role Authorization

User Role Authorization

Howmuch Point of Sale software also provides the user admin to create users’ accounts and set certain limitations for each staff member as per their role. This will ultimately keep the sensitive information hidden and secure. Howmuch provides users with a multi-user operating system that gives users the capability to have multiple users’ accounts open on the same device.

Order Taker App

Order Taker App

Howmuch offers an extremely quick and effective order taker app that automates sales operations and concentrates on improving customer experience. It is packed with functionalities that make it easy to manage orders for pick-up and delivery. The Howmuch order taker app expedites the process and makes few to no errors when taking orders.

Inventory Management

Simplified Payments

Paperless Payment

With Howmuch POS, provide customers with increased conversions and sales. Accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Keep track of customers’ credit or debit card payments and validate your external card terminal procedures. It will surely attract foreign customers as well to your store.

Contactless Payment

Howmuch POS keeps the customer queue moving with quick product search, fast processing, and billing. It lets the customer choose their preferred payment method for delivery. It supports customers with plenty of options such as cash payment, online transfer, debit or credit card, etc. Howmuch gives customers easy access to every transaction so that you don’t miss out on a sale.

Pay Later Functionality

Howmuch retains a flexible and easy way by accepting multiple payment options with additional Pay later functionality, which allows you to get customer payment from anywhere and at any time. It grants retailers an opportunity to not miss out on single sales. Customers can easily shop and clear their remaining amount later. Howmuch streamlines sales in-store and online and takes all the methods your customer wants to pay.

Highly Secured

Howmuch's integrated payment feature provides customer convenience and security and avoids transaction annoyance. It allows retailers to serve more customers with secure payments and quick service efficiently. Howmuch retains an artificial intelligence solution to protect businesses' confidential information entirely and to avoid vulnerabilities.

10/7 Support and Services

Salient Features

Point of Sale

Howmuch Point Of Sale software is specially designed for store retailers with various features and functionality of Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing that help you set up and run your business efficiently. It offers an all-in-one solution that allows you to view and manage your inventory and store and sell almost anywhere, including brick-and-mortar stores, markets, and pop-up shops.

Fast Easy And Cloud-Based POS

Howmuch POS is an ideal Cloud-based point of sale solution providing the most advanced, cutting edge, and affordable point-of-sale system solution that meets customers’ expectations for service, quality, and value. Its cloud-based functionality streamlines the retail store business operations.

Centralize Inventory

Howmuch rack stock levels in real-time and provide instant alerts and accurate forecasts. It restocks products before they reach the threshold. It enables users to simply add hundreds and thousands of products with just a few clicks.

Multi-outlet scalability

Howmuch POS has outstanding multiple outlet scalability. It is a reliable hosting system that allows you to sell in more places simultaneously, get accurate insight to see your inventory in real-time, and avoid overselling. Now, you are not required to perform operations manually because of howmuch automates your business operation and ultimately saves your time and money.

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