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Technology is advancing day by day, and so is its reach. If any technology gets introduced in the eastern part of the world, it quickly introduced to the western, eastern, and southern poles in a minimal time. But have you ever thought about how technology has spread throughout the world? How the tech industry is spreading so rapidly At the same time, people are becoming entrepreneurs and earning more and more for themselves. but How people are turning their small-scale businesses into very large-scale multinational corporations?. Well, in the contemporary world, you can expect everything. The same is the case in the technology sector. Business community attends multiple tech conferences internationally to introduce innovative solutions to the broader community. If you want to know more about the latest ongoing tech event, then continue reading because we have highlighted the ongoing tech event, Seamless Middle East 2022

What Is A Seamless Conference?

Seamless is a meeting place for brilliant and innovative minds across payments, fintech, banking, retail or e-commerce, and information technology industries. Seamless 2022 is the grand retail conference and exhibition in Dubai. It is the platform that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to let their ideas float and reach prospective customers. It contributed heavily to better business growth and has had a delightful customer experience. The seamless conference is a free-to-attend exhibition in which hundreds of leading technology providers and start-ups are exhibiting their outstanding technology. Howmuch also participated in Seamless retail forum 2022, Middle East.


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Is It Worthwhile To Participate In Seamless?

For 22 consecutive years, seamless has been a meeting place for the brightest minds from the fintech, payment, retail, e-commerce, and identity industries. It is considered the best place where business owners can easily participate and showcase their talent internationally. At the same time easily capture prospective clients. Being a significant player in the business industry, joining the seamless 2022 as an exhibitor will be a worthy plan and help you reap the long-term and short-term benefits. At the same time, by interacting with the broader community, you may get aware of the latest trends, emerging technology tools, and prospects in your business. Additionally, business owners may find many clients, meet many partners, and quickly convince them to try your outstanding services to help their business thrive. 

Howmuch Presenting Its Revolutionary Technology

In the seamless retail conference 2022, Howmuch Pvt, Ltd. representative showcase its thriving Point of sales software technology and Distribution Management System (DMS) at Seamless Middle East & North Africa. Howmuch team is dedicated to sharing extensive knowledge and future opportunities on the capabilities of their outstanding products, including the Cloud-based technology and e-commerce platform.  Team Howmuch was also actively engaged in charting new road maps and strategizing their seamless integration that may result in the possible outcome of their geographical expansion into the Middle Eastern region. The company also aims to become more innovative and relation-centric with its strategic partners, including retailers, manufacturers, and resellers. Undoubtedly, the seamless acted as a fruitful platform for setting their goals in action. 


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About Howmuch

Howmuch is the cloud-based Point of Sale software provider that gives users a consistent experience by integrating their whole business operations with AI capabilities. Howmuch encompass affordability with the latest and modern service methods. We guarantee a high satisfaction rate, personalized services, competitive pricing, modern equipment, and facilities that promote business practices. Howmuch also provides retailers with an online marketplace to help them gain more customers and allow consumers to find neighborhood retailers. Retailers can also set up their website and pre-configured payments systems and delivery models to have complete control of their e-commerce operations. If you want your business to achieve high standards of the latest technology, contact us today. We will be happy to serve you and become an integral part of your business success. 

Howmuch POS

Howmuch POS is a complete end-to-end solution, bringing retailers to the age of the cloud through the web, mobile, and desktop applications. It is a world-class retail management platform and an online marketplace that provides everything the retailer needs to start, market, sell, and run their business. It gives all-in-one solutions that help all companies sell across channels, manage operations, engage with consumers, accept payments, and grow their business.

Howmuch Distribution Management System (DMS)

Howmuch Distribution Management System has everything that a distributor needs to monitor their distribution network. From managing sales, Customer Relationship Management, and purchases to handling inventory, Howmuch DMS efficiently performs outbound operations and keeps costs low. 

Howmuch For Manufacturers 

Howmuch is a robust software solution that empowers manufacturers and wholesalers with its outstanding cloud-based capabilities. Howmuch optimize every aspect of the manufacturing business and automates planning, production, and scheduling. It also improves supply chain visibility. 

Howmuch For Retailers 

Howmuch provides retailers complete control over their inventory and maintains strong coordination among distribution channels. It is a pivotal aspect for sales-centric businesses. Howmuch optimize in-store and online retail operations with its powerful cloud-based capabilities.

Powerful Features

  1. Manage Dealers

  2. Sales invoices 

  3. Order Taker App

  4. Multiple Payment Methods 

  5. Good Receiving Notes

  6. Pay later functionality

  7. Report

  8. Stock Transfer

  9. Business Intelligence 

  10. Multi-Location Distribution Management


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