A Detailed Analysis On Retail POS Qoyod & Howmuch

Managing a retail business is not very difficult at all because the latest technology synchronizes all the operations. 

It automates everything and provides managers with ease of operations by controlling all the aspects of business with artificial intelligence. 

There are different software providers that provide efficient software services with a lot of features. 

However, finding the right software that specifically provides features that exactly match your business needs is really amazing.  

Which Software Should You Choose?

Choosing software is more important if you want to gain a competitive advantage in running your business operations. 

The software technology comes with artificial intelligence that performs error-free operations in a quick and efficient way. The advanced technological software eliminates human error, delays in work, overcomes staff shortages, and maintains customer loyalty. 

There is always a separate business software covering each industry, no matter which business sector you belong to.  

For managing employees and organizations, there is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software; for managing customers, there is customer relationship management (CRM) software; etc. However, an all-in-one point of sale software is the most elite software with all-in-one features. 

There are separate restaurant POS and retail point of sale software that easily manage retail or restaurant business operations. However, finding which is the best POS software is a challenging thing. We have analyzed two most significant POS solutions i.e Howmuch POS and Qoyod below so that you can easily decide which is more suitable to your business. 


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Overview Of Howmuch 

Howmuch is a cloud-based point-of-sale software cost that perfectly fits the needs of retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. It efficiently meets the needs of B2B and B2C customers. Howmuch is ZATCA-approved cloud-based POS technology with VAT. 

It efficiently manages customers and the expenses of business. Howmuch credit management feature keep track of customers' and suppliers' expenses and dues. It also includes Pay-later option and multiple payment integration features. 

Howmuch provide users with marketing tools and let users maintain their smooth digital presence and run marketing campaigns efficiently. It keeps track of the products in inventory and provides detailed reports and insights, as well as a quick overview on the dashboard. 

Howmuch is filled with lots of features; it allows users to create as many designs as they want, have a logo on their receipts, write catchy phrases on the footer and header line, and create customized designs with the "multiple receipt designs”' feature. 


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An amazing thing about Howmuch is that it supports external application integration with Shopify, WordPress, Quickbooks, etc. With Howmuch, users can manage stock items, units, and batches. creates promotional announcements using push notifications, SMS, and email alerts. 

If you are running a physical store and want to create an online store presence, then Howmuch POS best suits you because it provides an online presence as well, with an e-commerce integration feature, so you can easily provide your customers with an online store presence as well. 

An interesting thing about Howmuch e-commerce integration is the artificial intelligence that is paired up with cross-selling, up-selling, virtual retail store presence, real-time order syncing, online or in-store order management, and offline and online modes. 


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Overview Of Qoyod Features 

The Qoyod is more of an inventory and financial management software that is simple to use and effectively manages the store's sales and inventory. Its automatic account handling and purchase management capabilities let the manager easily manage transactions. 

Qoyod retains Zapier integration, and it allows store managers to operate an unlimited number of storage units and branches. Qoyod supports VAT-authorized transactions and customized invoices. Also, it supports unlimited users with permission management modules. 

The technical support of Qoyod is available 24/7, and it runs efficiently on Android and iOS.

The Qoyod is more financial management software than a complete cloud-based POS system. It gives users the ability to integrate their existing POS with Qoyod financial management solutions and efficiently operate their business. 

The Qoyod software covers the retail sector, construction, tech, industrial, legal, and service sectors. It is an overall good solution but does not provide extensive features.


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The Pricing Difference Between Howmuch POS & Qoyod POS

Pricing Module of Howmuch POS 

The price of point-of-sale software varies according to four different packages:

-Standard ( SAR 1600.0/ Annually)

-One Time Payment (SAR 300.0/ Annually)

-Basic (SAR1200.0/ Annually)

Pro (SAR 2000.0/Year)

Howmuch Point of Sale solution provides users with flexibility to choose whatever package suits their needs. It relieves users of the monthly subscription headache while also providing customized solutions based on their package selection. 

For instance, if a user operates a large retail store with lots of orders and uncountable items in inventory, then the Pro package best suits the user because it involves 30,000 items in inventory, an advanced reporting system, and 150 orders per day. 

The good thing about Howmuch POS is that users don't have to buy separate POS systems and separate POS hardware to run operations because Howmuch is a cloud-based system that is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Howmuch software can be easily installed on any hardware without any additional cost.  

Check pricing packages of Howmuch at www.howmuchpos.com/pricing 

Pricing Module of Qoyod 

-Yearly Package 160/- SAR 

-Monthly Subscription 199/- SAR

POS +40 SAR/Month

The pricing module of Qoyod is a bit different as compared to Howmuch. Qoyod offers monthly and yearly subscription packages with additional charges for POS. 

That means in the monthly package, the user can have an unlimited number of users and invoices, which is 199 SAR per month or 1920 SAR per year. But they have to separately pay for POS to be synchronized with applications.

Check pricing packages of qoyod at www.qoyod.com/en/pricing/ 


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