A 6-Step Guide To Email Marketing For Ecommerce Using POS

POS software is very common in the retail and restaurant industries. While the point-of-sale software is an all-in-one software solution that manages the day-to-day operations of the retail sector, from managing transactions to overseeing staff, customers, inventory, and expenses. The POS software works really well for marketing and promotional purposes as well. 

The POS software is the best email marketing tool for keeping customers engaged and returning to your store. If you are looking for the best email marketing software, then consider point-of-sale software for that. In this blog, we have highlighted the use of POS software as an email marketing tool. 

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing that is used to promote products and services and let your target customers know about your products, new arrivals, discount deals, and many other details. 

Email marketing is the most important thing to do if you want to keep in touch with customers. It is an act of giving your customers reminders that they are important and that you care for them.

Overall, email marketing is a very old yet significant practice that provides many benefits, as it engages customers to directly view your products and services. Also, email marketing builds more personalized relationships as compared to other marketing practices. 


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6 Email Marketing Strategy through POS Software

The POS software is the software solution that comprises multiple integrated solutions used to perform different functions. It retains an Artificial intelligence and customer management module that 

Here is a 6-step guide to email marketing for e-commerce using point-of-sale software:

Collect Email Addresses 

When it comes to marketing by email, the first step required is to collect email addresses. Well, it is really difficult to get a list of email addresses for your target customers. However, POS software helps in this as it has a CRM feature that saves customer information. 

Thus, with POS software, a customer can easily collect email addresses, and at the same time, if you have a website, you can collect email addresses by asking customers to sign up for your newsletter.

Segment Your Email List

After collecting email addresses, the next step required is to create segments and create a list of customers that shop online or in-store, and then based on that list, a marketer can easily create content according to customer behavior and shopping practices.

Recall that sending irrelevant email to interested customers will result in lower engagement rates than sending relevant information to relevant customers. For instance, your store caters to various audiences, some of whom prefer to shop online while others prefer to visit in person. 


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Create Targeted Email Campaigns

The targeting campaign is also one of the most important strategies to consider when you are using email marketing for an e-commerce store. For instance the new customers are your targeted audience that you may focus on retaining.

Similarly, if you have loyal customers, you must run an email campaign to offer them vouchers or discounts. The POS software works really well in marketing and promotions, and it keeps track of customer loyalty as well. 

Personalize Your Emails 

Successful email marketing relies on personalization. Use the data you collect about your customers from your point of sale system to personalize your emails, such as their name, location, and past purchases, and then generate content accordingly. 

The most interesting examples of personalized emails are the welcome emails, informational emails about signing up, verification, password changes, and other useful emails that immediately pop up in the customer's inbox and then give them a feeling of communication and a deep, ongoing connection. 

Make Your Email Stand Out

Create emails in such a way that really makes them stand out in the inbox of your customer. If your email's subject line and visuals are attractive, there is a higher chance of customer engagement as compared to other methods.

To make sure your emails are as effective as possible, it's crucial to regularly test and improve them. To determine the most effective subject lines, calls to action, and other components, use A/B testing and continuously change your email marketing strategy. 


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Analyze And Track Your Results

It is really important to track how effectively your email marketing strategy is performing, and for that purpose, there are many email marketing tools and software that allow you to gain insights and track performance.

Similarly, the POS software also works well in this regard in order to keep track of email campaigns and performances. Email tracking and analysis help you understand what's working and what's not, and they allow you to make any necessary adjustments to improve your results.

Which is the best email marketing POS software?

Howmuch is the most prominent point-of-sale software that manages email marketing and promotional campaigns very well. It keeps track of customer information, their name, email address, contact number etc. 

Furthermore, the Howmuch point-of-sale system records customer preferences, such as their favorite products, the most recent items purchased, or their shopping attitude, such as whether they are frequent buyers or not.


In general, email marketing is a useful tool for connecting with and interacting with customers, and using point-of-sale software can make managing and monitoring your campaigns simpler and easier. There are numerous other email marketing strategies to consider.


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