About Howmuch POS
Howmuch POS is a complete end-to-end solution bringing retailers to the age of cloud through web, mobile and desktop applications. It is a world class retail management platform and an online marketplace which provides everything that the retailer needs to start, market, sell, and run their business. It provides all-in-one solutions that help all businesses to sell across channels, manage operations, engage with consumers, accept payments, and grow their business.
Howmuch POS Installations surge by 400%. A response to digitalization in pandemic
Howmuch POS, a cloud-based point of sale system, announced today that the company POS sales and installations surged by 400% in July 2021, compared to May 2021. The overall sales generated through these POS’s are touching PKR 4.5 million with over 20,000 orders processed on daily basis. The sales and installations are expected to increase and projected to touch sales of PKR 150 million and 700,000 orders by the month end. Many stores signing up for Howmuch POS already have some e-Commerce storefronts but considering to shift to Howmuch e-Commerce marketplace and site solutions in the near future.
As COVID forced store closures, the businesses that thrived were those that had an e-Commerce footprint. Others - including luxury and many global markets – rush to meet their customers online. Many of these new web stores that were not integrated with complete POS and inventory management solutions, faced many operational challenges in managing disparate data for inventory, customers, orders, and fulfillment across siloed technologies.
As the access to the COVID vaccine spreads and businesses open in various capacities nationwide, brands are facing the increasing effects of these data disparities. They are seeking guidance from technology providers for efficient ways to unify commerce.
“Howmuch POS is designed to give users utmost flexibility. Our e-Commerce solution and accessible API allow the integration of brand’s e-Commerce, marketing, curbside pickup, order management, and fulfillment, which are necessary for every business today,” said Hisham Malik, CEO at Howmuch POS.
The pandemic has not only accelerated the timeline for unified commerce strategies many progressive business owners were already planning; store closures have also made omnichannel the base-level requirement for every business.
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