How POS Helps Retailers for Better Custumer Experiences


Nothing is more valuable to a retailer than a shopping cart. Imagine a person walks into your store, browses through aisle after aisle. Checks out fruits, vegetables, dairy products, snacks and whatnot but the only thing lacking is his shopping cart. If he doesn’t shop with you, his roaming in your store, online or in person, is of no real use to you! Often the reason for it is that people like to see the products first and think it's better to buy them when they are absolutely certain of what they want because the checkout lines are too long for their liking. A grocery store POS software can be of immense value here. 

Customers are always looking for personalized, efficient and fast customer services. Today’s retailers, equipped with the latest technology, have learnt this and are therefore, always on the lookout for the tools and techniques they can use to provide better customer experiences. A retailer should know that a retail business doesn’t mean just housing all the products your customers might be interested in, it also means that you need to provide an excellent customer experience to your customers. In this blog, we will learn why the retailers are working day and night to improve customer experiences at their stores: 

E-Shopping Cart: 

If you miss out only one item from a customer’s shopping list, he will most likely not come back to you. Even the smallest elements can impact a customer's shopping experience. An e-shopping cart provides a lot of convenience to the customer. He can add everything he wants in it and is able to visualize his purchases. He can remove items before checkout and check if the discounts are applied correctly through an e-shopping cart. According to research, more than 60% of customers won’t return to a store if they have had a bad experience there. It’s the buyer’s market, so every retailer needs to ensure that he offers the best services in order to stand out. 

Learn Customer Preferences: 

Customers enjoy personalized experiences. This means that if you are able to suggest products according to their interests, they will like to shop from you. Modern technology has made this task really easy. You can use a digital solution that stores customer’s order history and comes up with suggestions on his next purchase based on this data. This is why big data is a hot commodity these days. 

Enhanced Marketing: 

Retailers are always told to establish a strong relationship with their customers but how can they do that without having a way to contact their customers? Manually keeping the record of each customer is hard. Plus, you can easily lose it not to mention that entering the customer details for every SMS, newsletter, email you send can get really annoying really soon. 

The effective and easy solution is to use a POS, like HowMuch, that lets you communicate with your customers with just a single click. It should have a customer database that stores customer name, email, phone number, purchase history, etc. Your marketing team can create and send custom promos,  send promotional SMS, emails and newsletters. You can easily establish a strong two-way relationship with your customers this way. And when you make your customers feel special, they will keep on coming back to you! 


Customers shop where they can get good discounts. They qualify it as good customer service now, given how popular discounts have become! So, retailers need to keep track of their inventory and customer trends to come up with profitable discounts for the business. The better the discount, the more the customers and thus, the more the sales! 



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