Top Questions While Assessing Point of Sale Software

POS is the backbone of any retail business. It monitors all your processes and provides you with capabilities to offer your customers with good customer experience. However, the thing with technology is that it gets outdated easily. And so, you need to keep accessing your retail POS software to ensure that it meets industry standards and customer expectations. A POS should increase your productivity, not complicate matters, keep that in mind. Here are the questions you need to answer while auditing the software you use for your business: 

Does Your POS have a Capable Customer Base? 

Customers are the most important asset of any business. And customers are happy when they receive customised services and personalized experience. However, in a retail store, the employees deal with hundreds of customers every day and thus, remember every customer is simply not possible. Your POS should store all customer information- his past purchases, most purchased item, contact details, etc- that the cashier can use to provide a customised experience to him. For example, if he learns that the customer likes to purchase dry fruits, he could inform him of a new variety available in store. 

Does Your POS Provide You With Real-time Information? 

If you want to make a knowledgeable, intelligent and profitable business decision, you need to have access to the most up-to-date information. A POS should provide you with real-time data in the form of reports and statistics so you can learn which areas of your business are most profitable and which require your immediate attention. HowMuch gives a bird’s eye view of the retail store by letting the owner know about every process happening in his company. 

Does Your POS Support Multi-Channel Usage? 

In today’s world, the internet is the biggest market for retailers. But, this doesn’t mean that bricks and mortar stores have no importance. Your POS should allow your presence on multiple platforms and link them all together. For example, your POS should link your bricks and mortar and e-commerce store’s inventory together so you can know the exact number of products you have in the back office. 

Does Your POS System Include Mobile POS? 

It’s unfair to chain your employees to large, bulky systems in today’s world of smartphones. Every digital operation is conducted through apps on mobile phones, which allow people to move wherever they want. Your POS should have a mobile application that lets your employees move around the store to serve your customers better. HowMuch POS is known for its robust, predictable and user-friendly mobile POS. So, if you are looking for a retail POS in Islamabad, HowMuch is your best bet! 

Is Your Retail POS Regularly Updated? 

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements take place daily. They empower and make your business processes efficient. As modern POS software doesn’t require IT experts to physically make updates, enhancements in the system are made remotely. If you have purchased your POS software from a software provider that is lousy at providing updates, it’s time to move to another ship. Good retail software should get updates regularly so you can always stay ahead of your competitors. 

Is Your POS Easy to Use? 

It doesn’t make sense to purchase a system that requires you to invest in training your employees. The POS you use should be one that has self-explanatory icons and is easily understandable. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for your employees to grasp how the POS is used. There should be manuals, blogs, videos and a helpful customer service team that guides you on how to use the POS. 


It’s vital to assess your POS system regularly. If it’s not meeting your standards, you should change it without hesitation as it plays a crucial role in making your business a success or failure. HowMuch POS is a capable, easy to user and popular software in Pakistan that is successfully serving the needs of the retailers here. So, if you need to purchase a retail software in Pakistan, go for it! 



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