Advantages of Omni Channel Retailing


Marketing your retail store on multi-channels is known as omnichannel retailing. This is a consumer-centric approach that boosts business sales and exposure. A variety of engagement tools are available to businesses because of it. For grocery stores, a POS grocery system can help in streamlining operations and improving customer services, but you need to have your presence on multiple platforms for reaching out to customers and improving your sales. 

Omnichannel retailing includes a store’s presence on mobile internet devices, computers, physical stores, television, radios, mails, and so on. A good POS lets retailers integrate all these channels together to monitor sales effectively and have complete control over the inventory. Furthermore, the customers today have access to a lot of information about stores before they even enter a store thanks to online resources. So, they expect the employees to also know about what they are talking about. For example, you are running some promotion in only one branch (that isn’t yours), a customer comes in and inquires you about the promotion. Despite not running this promotion, you need to be aware of it. 

Omni-channel makes marketing more efficient and targets customer behaviour. Customer’s social media behaviour, website visit behaviour, loyalty programs, all help in creating useful and practical marketing trends. Other data mining techniques are used too for a better understanding of the customers. Let’s take a look at the advantages omni channel brings to retailers: 

Improved Customer Satisfaction: 

The emergence of millennials and gen Z has changed the way service providing businesses need to operate. People of these generations are always online on social sites or browsing through online purchasing apps. To boost sales, retailers need to implement strategies that allow shoppers to switch between brick and mortar stores and online stores easily.  If these customers aren’t provided with easy to use and flawless experience, they will simply move on! 

Therefore, the blurring of retail channels is something these people appreciate. The time of traditional retail stores is gone now. An omnipresent retail store provides customers with ease, satisfaction and convenience. This is why it’s so popular with today’s generation! 

Improved Sales: 

As retailers can make purchases from the location of their choice in an omnichannel setup, the retailer s’ stock is visible and accessible to customers on their favourite channel. Furthermore, this convenience often increases the buying opportunities. Targeted ads through multiple channels is also a great way to improve sales. The fact that you can showcase a wider variety of products to your customers is another attractive aspect of omnipresence in the retail world! 

Improved Margins: 

In today’s day and age, retailers need to have attractive discount offers to attract new customers. Through data from different channels, you can outline a marketing scheme that improves your sales and profit margins. You can know your best selling products in different regions and devise marketing strategies accordingly. 

Improved Productivity: 

Omni-channels promote efficiency and productivity. They provide retailers with tools that help them learn about their store’s reputation, customer behaviour and product sales effortlessly. Gadgets like smartphones and tablets provide employees at stores with incredible ease while taking customer orders, and transferring customer information in the loyalty-building services, improving the customer retention rate. 

Improved Income Streams: 

Through multi-channel retailing, retail stores get access to multiple income streams. Different payment ways are used on different platforms. For example, in a bricks and mortar store, people will prefer to pay through cash, while in the case of an online website, people might opt to pay through credit cards more. So, retailers will have multiple streams of income that they can efficiently manage using good POS. 



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