How Does the Delivery-Provider Marketplace Create a Win-To-Win Situation?


As retail gradually moves from brick-and-mortar stores to online channels, there is a greater need to adopt new trends in order to meet consumer demand. When a customer places an order online, the retailer's next duty is to deliver the customer's order promptly and safely. Similarly, we can not ignore the fact that if, at this stage, retailers do not offer delivery services to their customers along with online shopping, they will lose customers. That is why, for the customer retention of your retail store, it is significant to provide the two most essential options to customers, i.e., online ordering and delivery of products to their doorstep.   

The Significance Of Delivery Services In E-Commerce

Online grocery store shopping provides convenience to customers. It gives customers multiple options in the digital aisle where they can virtually visit and add products to their carts. Online shopping trends benefit retailers by evolving their digital platforms and securing consumer loyalty. As it provides convenience, customers are more prone towards online shopping, and it is resulting in increased revenue. 


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Delivery Challenges for Retail Stores

As demand for online shopping surges, the need for delivery services is also increasing. Most retailers provide an online marketplace but fail to provide a delivery service option, resulting in losing customers. It is evident from the latest research that 60% of the stores lose customers because they are unable to deliver, and customers have the pick-up option. Thus, e-commerce marketplace trends that seem easy are not easy as they are associated with multiple demands, including solid digital marketing skills, a smooth online presence, social media handling capabilities, a quick checkout process, and a convenient shopping experience with fast delivery. All these things collectively provide a successful online retail shopping platform. 

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Delivery Provider Marketplaces

The e-commerce marketplace is the new trend in the retail industry. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Many delivery service providers collaborate with the stores to provide them with the option of delivery services. Similarly, multiple retail stores have the opportunity to integrate their business with the delivery providers, and indeed, it creates a win-to-win situation. As delivery providers are equipped with the latest software technologies such as Point of Sale, CRM etc., they keep track of their riders and customers. They have the details about customers, their buying habits and everything so grocery retailers can easily collaborate with them and gain insight regarding customer behavior. They can then easily upgrade their services according to the demands. 

Reliable Delivery Service Provider

As part of an online marketplace, many delivery service providers actively provide their services. If you are looking for an efficient online delivery provider, then Howmuch Pvt. is the best company. They are the providers of B2B and B2C services. Their product includes Point sale software and an online marketplace where users can integrate their physical store and start selling online. Similarly, Howmuch POS is an all-in-one cloud-based technology filled with inventory, employee, customer, expenses, and supplier management. It also has multiple location management options, giving users various options to accept and process transactions. Users can opt for Howmuch POS, and they can not only avail POS software functionalities but also show their physical store presence online and on Howmuch Mobile App. At the same time, the consumers can easily search for their store, place orders online, and their demands are delivered quickly with Howmuch delivery riders.  


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