Daftra Vs. Howmuch: Detailed Comparison of Retail Store POS Softwares

Any brick-and-mortar store, whether it is a small-scale convenience store or a large-scale superstore, needs a top-notch technological solution that manages all the business operations in a smooth way. 

Well, according to retail industry trends, point-of-sale software is the most demanding technology, and all the retailers are aggressively adopting it in order to elevate their sales, make customers loyal, and double their profit. 

The most important aspect, however, is to find the best solution that addresses all of the business needs at the same time. We are here presenting a detailed comparison on the two most leading POS software in the retail industry i.e. Daftra POS  and Howmuch POS.


What Is A Point of Sale (POS) Software Technology?

7 Compelling Reasons To Use A POS System

Leading Features Comparison

Daftra POS Software Features

Daftra is an online sales management software with cloud-based functionality that manages sales, tracks employees, sells in person, tracks team performance, and handles multiple operations on the go with POS technology

The Daftra POS solution is compatible with all devices and operating systems, and it supports barcodes, serial numbers, and units. At the same time, Daftra offers an ERP system to run your entire business, including CRM, accounting, and bookkeeping.

The Daftra POS allows users to manage shifts at work and provides an appealing interface with quick product display and proper product listing. It gives users flexibility in cash management, keeps track of products, and generates reports as well. 

The sales management in Daftra POS is a really good feature that gives users flexibility in managing sales and targets, insurance, offers, and discounts as well. At the same time, Daftra's cloud-based POS system allows users to access and manage their businesses easily, and it also keeps customers happy.


Barcode Label Printing Functionality In Retail POS

Data Security And Recovery In POS

Howmuch Point of Sale Software Features

Well, Howmuch is a cloud-based point-of-sale software solution specifically created to manage the needs of the retail sector. Whether you are operating a brick-and-mortar store, a toy shop, any small-scale grocery store, or a very large-scale supermarket, Howmuch Point of Sale software provides the best solution to efficiently manage retail store operations. 

Howmuch POS solution provides ease in managing customers and suppliers; it retains CRM capabilities; it keeps track of customers; and encourages them to come back again and again. 

Howmuch POS is ZATCA-approved software, it generates receipts that comply with ZATCA e-invoicing requirements. It retains credit management functionality for suppliers and customers at the same time. Howmuch cloud-based software accepts payments from multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal mada, Apple Pay, and STC Pay. 


How To Level Up Your Business With Point Of Sale System

Why Should A Business Use Point Of Sale Software

The in-built marketing tools of Howmuch Point of Sale execute the marketing campaigns and keep track of conversions and success. It provides users with accurate reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Howmuch's advantage is that it supports multiple languages and allows users to operate it in their preferred language. 

Howmuch POS solution also provides inventory management solutions, provides alerts and notifications, and keeps the inventory level filled with the most demanded products. Howmuch supports external application integrations, including Shopify, WordPress, Quickbooks, and e-commerce integrations. Thus, retailers don’t have to opt for external applications because they are supported by Howmuch POS. 

Howmuch POS provides the following incredible features: expense management, user roles and permissions, stock item, unit, and batch management, multiple store management, multiple scan modes (barcode, IMEI), barcode labeling and printing functionality, sale return, database management, resource monitoring, data backup and recovery.

The most significant thing about Howmuch Point of Sale software is that it provides the best delivery management solution as well. It provides users with a virtual retail store presence as well. It also provides users with a rider app. Thus, with Howmuch POS, users can enjoy multiple features such as a POS solution, rider apps, virtual store presence, and delivery or pick-up solutions.  


Why Howmuch POS Is The Best System For Your Grocery Business?

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Pricing Comparison 

The pricing comparison between Daftra POS and Howmuch POS is highlighted below:

Howmuch POS offers:

Four Packages:

-One Time Payment (1600.0 SAR/ Annually)

-Basic (1300.0 SAR/ Annually)

-Standard (1200.0 SAR/ Annually)

-Pro (2000.0 SAR/ Annually)

Visit Howmuch pricing page to get more details: www.howmuchpos.com/pricing 

Daftra POS offers:

3 packages 

-Basic ($9 .99 /mo -- Billed $120 per year)

-Advanced ($19 .95 /mo -- Billed $239 per year)

-Premium (Best value $40 .00 /mo)

Visit the Daftra pricing page to get more details: www.daftra.com/en/plans 

Price Analysis on Howmuch POS & Daftra POS

Howmuch offers four different packages, but they are only charged annually with no hidden charges. At the same time, their annual one-time payment is worth the features they provide, as customers can not only automate their business operations, but they also provide an online store presence and delivery management services. 

On the other hand, the Daftra POS charges annually or on a monthly basis. It provides sales management software, inventory management software, accounting software, operations management software, customer relationship management software, and human resources management software, but it doesn't provide delivery management or online visibility of the store. 


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