Customized Retail POS Solution


Running a business requires a lot of effort because the business operational functionalities not only involve selling your product or services but it also include marketing and promotion, inventory management, supplier management, customer relationship management, and other administrative tasks that collectively work to make a business manageable. With the advancement of technology now managing a business is not a difficult task because point of sale solution handle everything instantly and keeps the hassel away. It is an all-in-one solution that addresses the day-to-day operations and allows a company to achieve growth.

What Is A Custom POS Solution?

A custom point of sale solution is a system that allows the retailers or business owners to create a software solution that perfectly matches their business requirements and improves the efficiency of their business, and provides a competitive advantage. 

Whereas the point of sale solution is a software solution that provides businesses an opportunity to efficiently manage their sales, customers, suppliers, inventory, daily, monthly, and annual business revenue reports, and many more. The point of sale solution can be used everywhere, and it perfectly matches the need of small and medium enterprises.  

The custom point of sale solution helps the retail stores and restaurants to manage their operations efficiently. There are billion of point of sale solution available in the market with exceptional features, however, finding the quality point of sale solution that accurately fit with your retail store or restaurant business is quite tricky therefore many points of sale solutions providers give the customers option of having a custom point of sale solutions that proves to be easy to use and affordable to access. 

Howmuch POS Customized Solution 

The Howmuch provides highly reliable customized retail point of sale solutions that benefits thousands of industries in the retail sector. You can download and quickly sign up to howmuch POS and use it for free to find out if Howmuch POS perfectly fits your business or not.  The howmuch retail POS software comes with many features such as it comes with multiple functionalities which are given below:

Easy To Use

Howmuch point-of-sale software comes with the very most straightforward functionality, which is easy to use. It automates your business process provides users with automated and calculated reports and information. Now you do not have to go with the manual processes to manage your business operation because Howmuch is a user-friendly point of sale software that anyone can readily use.moreover, you are not required to have any technical expertise to use it because of it easy functionalities. 

Easy Integration 

Howmuch point of sale solution provides users an easy integration with various tools, apps and third-party software.


Howmuch POS automates the retail business operations and reduces manual.. It automatically updates your orders and inventory. It has an automated offline and online mode that sync the data easily; moreover, you can use howmuch even if your internet server is down. It also provides the user with a real-time report regarding their business.

FBR Integrated

Howmuch POS provides the user an option of FBR integration. It is fully approved by the FBR and complies with the federal board of revenue laws and regulations. 


Howmuch POS custom solution is highly secured and effectively meets the security standards. It assures the customers that their details are safe and secure and it is end-to-end encrypted. 

Constant Support

Howmuch POS solution provides users a constant support 24/10. Their team of experts is always ready to help the customers to settle their technical faults, and they are always connected over chat, email, and phone. 

How To Find The Best POS System?

Whenever you are trying to find the best point of sale solution for your retail store or restaurant, always prefer to look for the point of sale solution that contains exceptional features, maximum flexibility, and better quality service because the best POS system provides more than just accept payment and process sales. If you find the Point of Sale Solution that retains the capacity to make you run your business smoothly and manage your inventory efficiently, analyze the sales data, connect your employees and keep your customer satisfy then go for it because it will save your time and cost and streamline your business operation. 

Similarly, modern POS systems have cloud-based technology and advanced ordering and check-out processes that provide the customer with a contactless payment solution and turn smartphones and tablets into portable ordering stations.  Howmuch point of sale solution is considered the best moment of sale solution with a perfect and affordable pricing plan that starts with $15 per month and offers a free trial for thirty days. Similarly, Howmuch POS also offers an affiliate program. If you have android and iOS devices, convert your gadgets into your business tools and operate your retail business everywhere at any time with howmuch cloud-based point of sale technology.



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