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What is Howmuch?

Howmuch is an innovative, creative, and fast-moving software company with over seven years of technical expertise. Howmuch products and services include two sides. I.e., Howmuch. pk, an online grocery shopping platform that provides a seamless shopping experience to customers. On the other hand, Howmuch also provides high-quality POS software to retailers with professional consulting and development outsourcing to improve retailers’ operations. 

Howmuch History 

Howmuch is an outstanding point of sale software launched in 2014 by the CEO Mr. Hisham Malik with the dream to revolutionize the retail industry worldwide. The developed plan for howmuch was to help the independent retailers to gain access to the technological revolutions. The company succeeded in introducing a competitive range of point of sale solutions that enabled retailers to hold the top positions in the market. In 2016, Howmuch was Awarded as Best Retail & Supply Chain Management Solution. 

CEO Message 

The CEO of Howmuch Hisham Malik says:

“ Howmuch is our dedication and commitment to the development and implementation of integrated business software that simultaneously provides premium customer support and partnership. Our ultimate aim is to make retail simple and empower the SMEs with the technology they need to operate their business operations seamlessly. We believe that we can build a better future with our innovative technology. We also aim to bridge the gap between small and large businesses. That is why we provide an affordable yet powerful solution to independent retailers that will bring their business to a new edge. 


Our mission is to become the first choice for all retailers and customers by providing them the most advanced, cutting edge, and affordable point of sale and online marketplace solution that meets customer’s expectations for service, quality, and value.


The vision of Howmuch states that “We strive to be recognized as ideal in POS providers and e-commerce. We want to digitalize the retail industry for today and tomorrow. We aim to provide ease to shop owners while managing their store operation and a convenient shopping experience to customers during shopping and ultimately accelerate business growth”.

Our Values 

Since 2014 Howmuch has been a visionary and reliable software company committed to core values. 

1. We honored entrepreneurs, and we believe in taking calculated risks.

2. We are committed to delivering quality products and services right on time.

3. We strive to do everything with passion and commitment.

4. We think innovatively and find solutions to challenges.

5. We emphasize maintaining a culture of innovation that fosters positive connections and elevates productivity.  

Areas We Serve 

Howmuch is a significant software developer company in Pakistan that has serviced thousands of retail businesses in the major cities of Pakistan. Our office is located in most central areas of Pakistan like Islamabad and Lahore. 

Howmuch POS offers complete packages to the retailers by providing the resources to diverse retail segments, including Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, General Stores, Garments & Fashion, Boutiques, Shoe Stores, Book Stores, Electronics & Appliances, Distribution & Wholesale Setups, Mobile Repair Stores, Medicine & Pharmacy, Toys Store, Furniture Stores, Hardware Stores, Book Stores, Paint Stores, SuperStore, Warehouses, and Electrical Store. 

Howmuch. pk provides customers an online shopping experience. It delivers the products within a minimal time. The customer can shop almost everything, including groceries, confectionery, snacks, personal care, baby products, cosmetics, etc. 

Our Members

We are a team of committed engineers, designers, and developers with a degree of professionalism and expertise who enjoy a sophisticated, innovative, and cooperative work environment open to new concepts and spaces. We interact first hand with the technology we work on regularly. The CEO of Howmuch Mr, Hisham Malik, has 15+ years of experience delivering high-end web, mobile, e-commerce, and social networking products that are successfully running across leading companies. Our overall staff comprises a talented team who provide the best service possible. We have  Software Engineers,  Software Testers, HR,  Designers,  Business Development Manager,  Sales Associates,  Digital Media Executives, Product Managers, Office Boys,  Staff boys, and a Creative Writer. 

Our Products 

Howmuch provides two different products i.e.

1. Howmuch Point Of Sale Software Solution 

2. Online Grocery Shopping Platform

Howmuch POS

Howmuch Point Of Sale software is specially designed for retail stores with various features and functionality of  Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing that help you set up and run your business efficiently. It offers an all-in-one solution that allows you to view and manage your inventory and store and sell almost anywhere, including brick-and-mortar stores, markets, and pop-up shops. Howmuch caters to the retail industry by offering trusted POS solutions to thousands of single and multi-store chains and ensuring the best service that maximizes value for investment. 

Howmuch POS Outstanding Features 

Howmuch is built to help you manage, optimize and grow your business. It does more than just process the orders. It is filled with outstanding features i.e.

FBR Integration 

Howmuch POS is officially integrated with FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). According to the Tax laws of Pakistan, it is obligatory to integrate Point Of Sale Software with FBR computerized systems, and Howmuch has FBR integration that allows retailers to handle sales, exchanges, and returns and keep a check on cyber security, data integrity, and processes involved.    

Warehouse And Supplier Management 

Howmuch offers a fast react point of sale software for the retail business that smartly controls warehouses and manages supply chain, logistic activities, and inventory. It maximizes the warehouse and supplier management efficiency by reducing stock levels and avoiding stock-outs. 

Multiple Payment Integrations

Howmuch provides customers ease by allowing them to choose the best way to accept payment. The customer can easily make payments via jazz cash, easy paisa, credit card, online banking, PayPal, and many more. 

Marketing Promotions 

Howmuch POS has an in-built marketing promotion option available that increases the visibility of your products and elevates customer loyalty. It sends your customers promotional offers, emails, newsletters, SMS, and discount coupons and makes them engage and up-to-date with your products and services. 

Customized POS Application 

Howmuch delivers custom POS solutions that perfectly suit startup businesses as well as SMEs. It has a customized POS application that automates and integrates the business processes and provides users ease to operate their business anywhere.

Offline Build For Windows

Howmuch offers an offline window build for retail stores that provides convenience even if the internet services are unavailable. Our POS offline build provides value and reliability. 

Become Our Partner Benefits

Howmuch enable businesses to expand their operations in many ways. It offers partnerships to our valuable customers. howmuch believes in collectivism that allows you to grow your business exponentially without doing all the work yourself. Entering in howmuch reseller program will be simple, and it will enable you to run your business without any hassle. 

Cloud-Based and Offline Functionality in a POS

Our POS is designed with reliable cloud-based technology that brings efficiency and ease and allows users to manage inventory, sales, employees, and customer reports with portable technology anywhere at any time. Its cloud database easily stores and processes data online and brings your business to the next level. 

How Howmuch POS Helps You Run Your Business Better? 

Howmuch POS allows you to sell in more places simultaneously, get accurate insight to see your inventory in real-time, and avoid overselling. It automates your business operation and ultimately saves your time and money.  It has powerful tools and capabilities to work in offline and online mode. It is compatible with every platform. It has a secure cloud-based solution for retailers, with e-commerce features catering to the needs of the classic and new-age digital stores. With Howmuch, SMEs can sell using a web browser on their laptop, desktop computer, and they can also sell globally and remotely by using the Howmuch native mobile app. Howmuch POS makes sure that your top-selling products never get out of stock.

Howmuch. Pk 

Howmuch. pk introduced online shopping from local grocery stores. With the help of howmuch. pk, the neighborhood grocery stores can sell groceries to their existing and new customers. The main idea behind this concept is to promote the local shopping experience to e-commerce businesses and save shopping time with an enhanced experience.

Howmuch. pk has a shopping app that allows users to get groceries delivered to their doorsteps. The app also gives an additional option to customers to pick up their groceries without any trouble. Several grocery shops are advertising their products under one platform through the Howmuch direct shop link. The user can select their desired grocery products without any struggle.

Easy selection for desired products is made for the users, where users can select any variant/size/volume of the required product and instantly add them to the cart with one click.

For Shopping online at Howmuch online grocery store, you need to visit where the user will see different features.

Howmuch. pk features Online Grocery Platform 

Howmuch. Pk is Pakistan’s best and largest online grocery store that provides users the best online supermarket for groceries. They can shop from a wide range of groceries in a more accessible and convenient way. 

Best Delivery Service 

Howmuch. pk utmost desire is to provide ease and convenience to customers, that’s why they have designed various options such as Delivery and Pickup services to make it easier and safer to shop from the store to customer’s door within just minutes. Additionally, the delivery service of howmuch. pk is operational in the major cities of Pakistan, including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Delivery 

Howmuch assist customers with the top-notch delivery services to help them lessen up their shopping stress. It has professionals who will deliver products to customers whenever they want, and it will save them from the hassle of separating time for shopping. The charges for shopping, organizing, packing and delivering orders is flat Rs 100/-. While the minimum order placement charges will be 1000/- Rs. Pickup 

Howmuch has introduced the “pick up” option, where orders can be picked after placing an order online with no minimum order amount and no shopping fee. If customers wish to pick up the order by themselves, they will receive an email confirmation. Then they can simply visit the nearest store and receive the groceries and other items.

Provide Quality products

Howmuch. pk is a one-stop shop that serves the daily needs of customers. You can get all your favorite products at a discounted rate. It also provides quality products with the best-guaranteed experience.


Online Grocery App

For the customer ease, also offers a revolutionary grocery App that provides buyers and sellers a comfortable shopping experience.

Multiple Payment Options

Howmuch. pk provides customers ease by giving them multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, easy paisa, and jazz cash. 



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