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Decision making is never easy. It requires a lot of thinking and evaluating. Very few people are comfortable making the big decisions, that have a lot on stake. Most people suffer from anxiety and feel the pressure of making decisions. In the retail world, business owners go through a similar situation when they start looking for a POS retail cloud based system to assist their business. The fact of the matter is that a POS system affects every operation at your business and thus, it is imperative to choose the right POS. It’s a big decision that requires a lot of intensive research. 
Every retailer has unique requirements, depending on the scale of the store, target audience, staff, brand popularity, etc. It is essential to purchasing a digital solution that promises to not go obsolete for at least the next five years. It should have the ability to give you an edge over your competitors too. The purchase of POS software is a big decision, and you should never decide on software in a hurry. Take your time to find the right one for you. The following are some essential features of a grocery POS. In Pakistan, HowMuch is very popular among retailers because it has all the mentioned-below features! 

Now that the first step is complete, let’s delve into the features that are necessary for grocery stores. Usually, the key features of a grocery store POS are common to all retail POS software. But choosing the system, ultimately, depends on your business needs. Still, we’ve highlighted the most commonly required features of every grocery store in their POS: 

Inventory Management:

Did you know that if you carefully track and manage your inventory, you can improve your profitability by 30%? Manually managing your inventory can be a tiring process, full of errors and can never bring as good results as a good POS’s inventory management feature. Many SMEs fail to make a mark because they are still using primitive methods to keep track of their inventory. Automated real-time inventory and cloud systems give a big boost to businesses, improving their chances of growth and success. 

Cash Control: 

Maintaining control of cash at retail stores is a challenge. But, thanks to POS technology, the days of manually counting cash are over. No longer are you required to sum up your total earnings using a calculator and then calculate your daily, weekly and monthly expenses. The details of every product in your store is stored in the product database and as products are scanned at a checkpoint or their SKU keys are entered, there can be no discrepancies in the price added by the cashier and the price of the product. 


If you aren’t aware of every operation happening in your business, you can experience a lot of losses. A POS lets you have a bird’s eye view of your system by providing you with reports and insights of every department. Always invest in a system that gives you real-time reports on sales, staff, inventory, etc. When you have all this information, you have the ability to make knowledgeable, useful and timely decisions. 

Customer Data: 

For retailers, customers are the most significant assets. And so, you should have the means to contact them, especially when you are running promotions. Noting down all the customer information is not easy. But, a POS is excellent at maintaining a detailed customer database. So, you can view all our customer’s past purchases, contact information, and much more. When you are running a marketing campaign, this information comes in very handy. Plus, you can send your monthly newsletters with just one click too! 



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