How to Join ?

Step 1

On the main page of Howmuch click on the icon named ‘Join’ in the upper right corner.

It will take you to the registration page where you can add your business name, country code, phone number, email address, and password.

Finally click on the ‘Sign up’ icon.

Step 2

After the signup process, you reach the ‘Pricing Plan’ page. On this page four pricing plans are given; Free, Standard, Premium, and Pro. All the features that are provided in these plans are elaborated separately on the page so that you can decide what is it that you want for your business.The picture below displays all four pricing plans and all their features.

On the same page, a comparison of all four pricing plans is also given with a detailed description of all the features and functions of each plan. Furthermore, these features are defined through the lens of different domains as well; Reporting, Marketing & Promotions, Support and Sales Commission.

Step 3

After selecting the pricing plan you're already done with half of the process of launching your business with Howmuch.

Now you're only 4 steps away from going live on the webpage:

  • Create your account    
  • Create your store
  • Add your products
  • Setup shipping & Payment
  • Go live!

Step 4

After clicking on the second step ‘Create Your Store’, you are asked to fill a short form requiring some basic information about your business. It requires the name of your store, a little description, email, domain, and category. A category is a significant part because it makes it easier for the customers to track down the stores for a particular category.

The second part of the form requires you to upload a cover picture of your store and give an address. Furthermore, you are asked to specify the country, state, and city where your store is located. Lastly, you have to put your phone number.

Step 5

As soon as you are done filling the form, you are brought to the page where you are asked to import your products. You either add your products or click 'Save & Continue'. Below is the screenshot of the page.

Step 6

After adding the products in the 3rd step. You are now required to add in the shipping and configuration details.In the Shipping Configuration section, you are asked to put Delivery charges, Minimum Delivery Order, Shipping Charges, and Max Distance. There is also a switching option, which gives you two options; Delivery Radius and Delivery Polygon.

In the Payment Configuration section, there are multiple options to choose from.

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