• Howmuch POS Software

    Let the customer decide

    It depends on the customer which payment method they feel convenient with, i.e., cash payment, online transfer, and debit or credit card, etc. Support customer ease of access at every price so that you don’t miss out on a sale. Equip your delivery rider with POS and let the customer choose the preferred payment method on delivery.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Accept Payments Easily

    With Howmuch POS, provide customers with increased conversions and sales. Accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Keep track of customers’ credit or debit card payments and validate your external card terminal procedures. It will surely attract foreign customers as well towards your store.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Secure your business

    Protect your business entirely by keep adding intelligent solutions to avoid vulnerabilities such as:

    - An up-to-date record of your accounts

    - Thorough fraud detection

    - Account takeover protection

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Enhance your customer experience

    Howmuch integrated payment feature, Provides customer convenience and security and avoids annoyance during transactions. It allows the retailers to serve more customers with secured payments and quick services efficiently. Howmuch has a customer-oriented approach which is why it strives to provide qualitative services to consumers.