• Howmuch POS Software

    Manage All Aspects of Business Inventory

    Howmuch enables you to simply add hundreds and thousands of products with just a few clicks. Manage your store’s inventory and restock products before they reach the threshold.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Product Categories

    Howmuch inventory management involves exceptional features such as offering a planogram. You will have a business-wise product categorization and customization on products that are mix in a department. It provides you suggestions to reorder your product categories too.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Custom Pricing

    Howmuch encourages retailers to provide custom pricing of the products to their customers.

    Decide Based on Real-Time Analyst

    Your store’s sales report, inventory, and customer purchase history will always be in sync, no matter if your customers are shopping in-store, on the web, or mobile. It allows you to make informed decisions to,

    - Put items on sale

    - Provide promotions to inactive customers

    - Ensure selling items don’t go out of stock