• Howmuch POS Software

    Engage Better with Customers

    Make customer engagement your top strategic priority with Howmuch. Build your brand by engaging more with customers. Howmuch allows you to design your sales process to be more customer-focused.

    - Instantly save and keep track of the customers during the online checkout

    - Our POS (Point of Sale) also allows you to gather data on your customers quickly

    - Interact more with your customers and provide them receipts and promotions via email, SMS, or mobile notifications

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Import Customers in Bulk to Your Store

    Easily upload Excel/CSV files with your existing customer data over Howmuch and let our POS organize it further.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Launch Marketing Campaigns to Promote Products

    Howmuch provides you a perfect platform for your exceptional business marketing. It gives users plenty of options and develops ways to:

    - Expand your business with marketing add-ons.

    - Send personalized emails, mobile notifications, and SMS.

    - Design attractive promotions and deals to grow customer loyalty.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Decide on real-time analytics

    With Howmuch, customer data will always be in sync, whether your customers are shopping in-store, on the web, or mobile. It allows you to make informed decisions such as:

    - Avoid delivering to customers with bad history

    - Ensure items are always in stock for customers

    - Provide promotions to inactive customers

    - Suggest products to customers based on their usage pattern

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Discount Management for Customers

    With automation in subscription and billing management, Howmuch simplifies for the businesses to bring new clients and devise attractive discounts, good deals, and best coupon codes. Hence, you can easily manage refunds effortlessly across all your products, stores, and customer segments.

  • Howmuch POS Software

    Customer Purchase History

    With the help of purchase history data, the shoppers can effectively determine the customer’s purchasing habits because it provides a broad overview of what consumers like and what they mostly buy. Make your business customer-centric and manage the consumers’ purchasing history efficiently.